Laclede Windows Manufacturing

Laclede Windows manufactures your custom windows in our very own shop. Learn more about how we tailor every window to your exact needs.



Custom Window Manufacturing Process

Our window manufacturing process starts with the extruded vinyl being cut to length, then run through the appropriate notch saws, punches, etc. in preparation for welding.



Weather stripping and balance systems are also installed prior to welding.

The welder is our largest piece of equipment, doing two welds at a time. The welding plates heat to approximately 475 degrees F, producing the virtually-unbreakable vinyl weld joint.


Our special single point welder is used for all specialty shapes and welds that are not 90-degree joints.


After the window is through the welding and cleaning process, then final hardware is applied and the sashes are prepared for glass.

The pre-sealed glass units are then inserted and glazing beads installed. The window are now ready for final assembly and installing locks.


Half or full screens are custom made to fit each window exactly.



Your custom windows are now completed and ready to be installed in your home for years of energy savings and comfort!




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